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  • Innovative design, enrich your elegant life

     In 2006, our company was founded in the Ceramic Capital of China - Chaozhou

     ”Inheriting oriental ceramic style and integrating European concise technology”

     Through 14-year management and innovation, our products are sold well across over 30 countries

     We specialize in Ceramic sink, Art basin, Above/Under-counter basin and Counter basin

     Possess advanced leading productivity

     By introducing superior new intelligent computer-controlled high-pressure forming equipment

     Our productivity achieves 24 times higher than traditional one, with better quality and more stable molding.

     For coping with this specific situation in 2020,

     Our new product applies “anti-bacterial glaze” to produce healthy ceramic sinks.

     Eliminating 99.9% of bacterial residue effectively, which is convenient, beautiful, and practical.l We are striving to create innovative products to satisfy the market demands,

     And protect customers’ life and health.

     Create high quality, enjoy pleasant life

     Offering stable and reliable product and considerate services is our life-long mission

     EZ-JOHN, waiting for your join to work and win together!

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